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Privacy Policy

Nikko Nature Science Museum Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall recognize the significance of the personal information provided from users, comply with laws and other ordinances pertaining to the personal information, and strive to handle the said information appropriately by establishing the active rules and structures based on the following Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

The Company shall obtain agreement from the customer him/herself or post a notification on its website that it shall obtain personal information in an legit and fair manner, it shall not obtain such information in an illegal manner, and shall obtain customer`s agreement concerning its usage purposes.

Personal Information Management/Protection

In order to appropriately protect the personal information, the Company shall make well known this to its employees and improve/maintain it. Also, for preventing lost, damage, falsification and leakage of personal information, it will take appropriate information security measures against illegal access, computer viruses, etc.

About the Usage Purpose of the Personal Information

The Company uses the personal information provided from its customers within the range of the following purposes. In the event of using such information for purposes other than stipulated herewith, the purpose shall be expressed in advance upon provision of the customer`s personal information. Also, customers` personal information shall not be used for purposes other than those legitimate without permission.

Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Unless otherwise with a dare reason or falls under any of the following, the Company shall not provide customer`s personal information to a third party

Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

Pertaining to the personal information handling, the Company shall comply to laws and regulations with regard to personal information such as the privacy policy act and shall strive to protect such personal information by making well known of such notion not only with executives, employees and other concerned parties at a corporate level.

Disclosure, Modification and Deletion of Personal Information

The Company shall strive to manage customers` personal information in an accurate and the latest condition. Upon customer`s request for disclosure, modification or deletion of his/her personal information that has been provided, the Company shall handle the matter by confirming his/her identity within the given period based on its procedure.

Modification of Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice at any time based on changes made to its service contents, etc. So please confirm the latest Privacy Policy upon using our service.

Personal Information Related Inquiries

For inquiries and objections pertaining to the Company`s privacy policy, please contact us by telephone.
Nikko Natural Science Museum Tel: +81-288-55-0880