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Low Emission Bus

Low Emission Bus


The operation of the low emission bus has launched since April 1993 for the environmental conservation in Odashirobara, Sainoko, Senjugahama.
About 10 km of the route is surrounded by the Mongolian oak and larch forests; just hopping on the bus will take you to enjoy the Okunikko forests.

The bus route is next to the hiking course, and you can explore destinations such as Yutaki and Senjogahara from Odashirogahara.
A round trip course covering Sainoko and Senjugahama is available and it is connected to a hiking course to enjoy the panoramic view of Chuzenji lakeside, too.

Take advantage of the bus which is handy and accessible to the deeper part of Okunikko.

Bus-unique Place of Interest

Bus-unique Place of Interest

Seen from the car window is not only the woods but also the animals that live in the area.
You might get to see Japanese bear in addition to Japanese deer, fox and Japanese marten.
Wildlife tends to stay away from humans on a hiking, so the spot is perfect for visiting by bus.

User’s Guide

Adult (age 13 and over)
Child (age 6-12)
  • ◆Hail and ride system is incorporated. In the my-car control zone, you may get on/off at anywhere except for the Japan national route.
Bus Route

Bus Route Map

Bus Route Map(PDF:)


Low Emission Bus Timetable

Low Emission Bus Timetable(PDF:)

  • ◆Operation time is subject to change due to the condition of road, weather, etc.
Bus Vehicle
Watasuge, Noazami, Shirakaba
Watasuge, Noazami, Shirakaba
Akanuma Nature Information Center

Akanuma Nature Information Center


Akanuma Nature Information Center

Akanuma Nature Information Center is located in “Akanuma”, the entrance of Senjogahara and provide a variety of information including the latest nature information and Senjogahara, introduction of animals and plants, notification of usage manner, and the like.

It serves as the low emission bus shelter as well as the departure point for Odaisirogahara, Sainoko, and Senjugahama.

The museum also serves as the low emission bus shelter where you can wait for the bus in the rain with a peach of mind. Exhibited in the exhibition space are flowers, wild birds, autumn leaves and others along with each season. Listed on the map is the latest nature information. Observation points of the nature in the area are also introduced.

Inside the museum is filled with exhibitions you can see and touch for real.

User’s Guide

Hours of Operation
Break Space
Open between 08:00 and the arrival time of the final bus
Exhibition Space
Open between 09:00 and the arrival time of the final bus
Operation Period


Closed Days
Open throughout the period
(if it is a public holiday, it will be switched over as a latter event)


By Train

・Take limited express Spacia/Liberty from Tobu Railway “Asakusa St.” and get off at “Tobu Nikko St.”

・Take JR Line/Tobu limited express directly from JR “Shinjuku St.” and get off at “Tobu Nikko St.”

・Take JR Nikko Line from Tohoku Shinkansen “Utsunomiya St.” and get off at “Nikko Station”

By Bus

Take Tobu Bus from JR Nikko St. bound for “Yumoto Onsen” via Tobu Nikko St. to get off at “Akanuma” and take a 3-minute-walk

By Car

Takes approximately 70-min-drive from Tohoku Expressway to Nikko Utsunomiya Road from Utsunomiya IC, then take Irohazaka from Kiyotaki IC,
parking available (free of charge)