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Nikko Natural Science Museum, Tochigi Prefecture

Nikko Natural Science Museum


Nikko Natural Science Museum, Tochigi Prefecture

Nikko Nature Science Museum is located close by the Kegon Waterfall and Lake Chuzenji, performing a wide variety of activities including introducing its nature and history, providing nature information, hiking course guide, holding nature experience event, etc. as the the dispatch base of the local information.

In addition to the Nature System Exhibition Room and the Humanity System Exhibition Room, the museum provides the nature and the sightseeing information striving to entertain visitors to enjoy Okunikko with a peace of mind.

Facility Introduction

1st Floor

1st Floor

  • Shikisai Hall

    Shikisai Hall

    The beautiful 4 seasons of Okunikko is introduced on the large screen of 4 x 20 meters, with the powerful image of 4k HDTV and the volume filled with precense. Enjoy this fantastic experience as though you are standing on site and wrapped in the nature.
    The service is available in English Chinese, Koran and Thai.

  • Museum Shop

    Museum Shop

    Okunikko’s nature-unique souvenirs are sold here.
    Varieties of books and goods for your nature walk are available including the museum original illustrated reference books and guide map.

  • Okunikko Information Center

    Okunikko Information Center

    The guide facility of overall Okunikko with a full-time English speaking staff available.
    Feel free and use tablet for internet information search, introduction to Okunikko sightseeing spots with the graphic panel, etc.

  • Okunikko Cycle Sharing at “Nikko Natural Science Museum

    Okunikko Cycle Sharing at “Nikko Natural Science Museum

    Why not taking a tour in Okunikko by enjoying the majestic nature such as Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Waterfall, Ryuzunotaki, etc.?

    Rental Hours:09:00-16:00
    Period:Apr-Nov (subject to extension)
    Bicycle Specification:Electric assist bicycle (paid service)

    ※Eligibility not applicable to the following
    ・If your height is less than 145 cm
    ・ A child less than 13 years of age must wear a helmet even though his/her height is 145 cm and over. Bring your own helmet

    Oku-nikko Cycle Share

2nd Floor

2nd Floor

  • Nature System Exhibition Room

    Nature System Exhibition Room

    Introduced at the Nature System Exhibition Room is the nature in Okunikko by categorizing into each corner of landscape and its development, forests, waterfalls, lake and fish, and animal.
    In addition independent corners are established respectively for “The marsh of Okunikko” registered under the Ramsar Convention and “Senjogahara” the representing marsh.

  • Humanity System Exhibition Room

    Humanity System Exhibition Room

    The history of Okunikko dates back to Saint Shodo’s climb to Mt. Nantai and founding of a temple on Mt. Nikko in Nara period.Introduced in the Humanity System Exhibition Room are the vestige of Saint Shodo and shugendo (Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts) in Nikko.
    It also focuses on introducing the history of the international summer resort which became prevalent after Meiji period as people used to describe as “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of foreign countries all relocate to Nikko in summer”

  • Know-it-all Corner

    Know-it-all Corner

    The nature know-it-all corner offers fun learning about the nature and Okunikko in the game format.

  • Lecture Room

    Lecture Room

    The multi-purpose room for a meeting, etc. “Mini Lecture” and “Mini Craft” are the popular sessions offered for groups! (reservation required)

Self-guide sheet

Here is the self-guide sheet of Nikko Natural Science museum. Please download and use it.

User’s Guide

Admission Fee
Adult (age 16 and above)
Individual Fare / 510yen
Group Fare / 400yen
Child (age 4-15)
Individual Fare / 250yen
Group Fare / 200yen
  • ◆Group discount is applicable to a group of 20 persons and over.
  • ◆In the case of a school group, teachers are to pay the same amount as students (child).
  • ◆Free admission for visitors presenting a physical disability record book, a nursing record book, a mental disability record book, etc. Also, free admission applies to a caregiver of an individual whose physical disability record book or nursing record book says, “Type 1” or a mental disability record book states “1st class”
    (1 caregiver per disabled person)
Operation Period
  • ◆Admission ends 30 minutes before the closing time.
Closed Days
Open throughout the period
(if it is a public holiday, it will be switched over as a latter event)
New Year’s holiday


By Train

・Take limited express Spacia/Liberty from Tobu Railway “Asakusa St.” and get off at “Tobu Nikko St.”

・Take JR Line/Tobu limited express directly from JR “Shinjuku St.” and get off at “Tobu Nikko St.”

・Take JR Nikko Line from Tohoku Shinkansen “Utsunomiya St.” and get off at “Nikko Station”

By Bus

Take Tobu Bus from JR Nikko Station bound for “Chuzenji Onsen/ Yumoto Onsen” via Tobu Nikko Station, get off at “Chuzenji Onsen”.1 min walk. (right next to the bus stop)

By Car

Takes approximately 50-min-drive from Tohoku Expressway to Nikko Utsunomiya Road from Utsunomiya IC, then take Irohazaka from Kiyotaki IC
※Please use Kegon Waterfall parkings 1 & 2.(paid service)